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Get paid for taking quiz in any area of your expertise or interest and improve your knowledge, connect with like-minds and attract potential employers to your profile.

How it works


Create Account

Simply create an account with your email address and a unique password.


Verify Account

You will need a verified account to play a game and earn. You can easily verify your account with your BVN or a government issued ID.


Play and Network

You learn and earn while playing. Also the platform gives the opportunity to network with like minded users in the community interface of Trivhunt.

Trivhunt Made for You

Each time a game is won, you add more money to your wallet and more star to your skill set to become noticeable by potential recruiters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trivhunt is a unique initiative that helps Nigerians and other Africans increase their earning power when they display mastery of their profession by answering career related questions.
Millions of qualified Nigerians are currently unemployed. Many employed people even feel they deserve more. What's worse? There's no platform for them to swiftly earn better, express their ability and connect with potential employers. Trivhunt bridges this gap by providing an all-inclusive place for professionals to earn.
Trivhunt accommodates professionals across all levels whether they are employed, underemployed or unemployed. It's also for gamers, quiz enthusiasts and people who love to be challenged.
Navigating around Trivhunt Mobile application is simple and straightforward. You can either sign in as a Talent or a Recruiter. After you've signed in as a Talent, you will land on the 'Home' screen. On this page, you will see a variety of clickable options that would lead you to your desired destination on the app. You can start playing games by testing your professional knowledge to earn money/rewards, acquiring job-ready skills from the Learning section and interacting with fellow rising professionals in the community. Also, you can create events and invite attendees, create groups, apply for jobs or create jobs (if you are a recruiter) and pay bills (airtime, data, power etc) using your Trivhunt wallet balance.

As a recruiter on Trivhunt, you can post jobs, view applicants details, chat with potential candidates and access the community. To register as a recruiter, it is required for you to sign up using your LinkedIn account details. This enables the system to verify your identity.
Yes, Trivhunt is not career-selective. It is appropriate to individuals from different career backgrounds and interests such as Information Technology, Accounting, Education, Digital Marketing, Health and many more.
Two payment gateway options are available for wallet top up. You can use either Flutterwave or Paystack to complete your payment. Whichever is your choice, both of them works fine. The Flutterwave payment option gives you the options of using card, bank transfer or USSD.
It's simple! Create an account and access your dashboard. On your dashboard, start a game and pay the token to start. After that, you will see an instruction and a sample question and immediately you're done you can start answering the main questions.
You need a minimum of N100 in your wallet to access a gamified quiz.
Having access to the educational resources and job-ready skills on Trivhunt requires a learner to pay a one time subscription fee which expires after a year. As a social enterprise, Trivhunt's Learning has proven to be the most affordable learning platform anyone can find and you can either subscribe using the fund in your Trivhunt wallet or complete your payment with your debit card using either Flutterwave or Paystack. Again, Flutterwave payment option gives you the options of using card, bank transfer or USSD.
You can have a maximum of one account each as a Talent or a Recruiter. But creating multiple Talent or Recruiter accounts on Trivhunt is not allowed. A user is expected to use only one account. If we detect an activity related to any user operating multiple accounts, such user will be penalized and the accounts will be disabled.
You can earn as much as N115,000 per game.
Withdrawing your money is very easy. Simply click on "My earnings" and indicate the amount you wish to withdraw. After that, choose the payment method and follow the prompt. Only note that, your money will be paid into your verified account.
Yes, it is. The idea is not to extort you but to make you express your knowledge and earn from it. Aside that, we are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and we have a strong legal backing.
No, it isn't a gambling platform. Among other benefits, Trivhunt helps you earn from your knowledge and referral of other members.
Apart from earning directly from your knowledge and new members' referral, you will accumulate points to indicate how proficient you are in your field. In return, your points will facilitate your discovery by potential employers and as a result, you can be employed on a full-time position and if you are a freelancer, you can close deals.

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